About Us​

As we are BIAS ENGINEERING CO., we have approx. 30 year experience about the basic facilities of engineering, for last 10 years, under the name of BIAS MACHINERY CO, we have focused on manufacturing of PRESS PRODUCTION.  From day to day, we have been growing thanks to using the most distinctive & genuine technologies to be one of the well-known and successful company in this sector.

With production of MULTI SERVO PRESS®, BIAS MACHINERY is to make a name for oneself as unique technology, it has been bringing the newest approach to many different sectors with respect of the other competitor’s technology. It always presents technological & innovative opportunities to the clients with higher productivity & capacity, speed & practical operation, lower energy consumption which provides to reduce the cost of products.

Form the different regions of TURKEY to the different continents of the world; from EUROPE to RUSSIA, BIAS MACHINERY CO. possess wide client’s reference network.