Advantages Of Servo Presses​

Nowadays servo presses are replacing eccentric, knuckle and link drive presses in metal forming operation at many sectors, because of high ability and easily forming of complex parts, etc.  A major obstacle to the spread of servo presses, high investment costs, low press speeds and limited pressing force is formed.

Power of Bias Servo press power comes from the flywheel to take a much lower servo motors for controlling ram movement, by the low investment cost, high press speeds, high pressing force and with low power consumption a truly eco-friendly new-generation press technology.

Max. Performance
Üstün Özellik 1Bias Servo press has higher tonnage rating point curve and high working energy than the classic presses. Because of high working energy and active double action features will help to combine several stations on the progressive and transfer die system can be reduced die size and cost
Stroke Rate Optimization
Üstün Özellik 2With this feature it is possible to achieve higher speeds at lower stroke. Adjustable stroke makes easy to set die bearing length by desired stroke which will help to reduced die cost
Increase Productivity
Üstün Özellik 3Being capable of change of the press stroke curve can increase production rate at progressive die and transfer system
Setup Time Optimization
Üstün Özellik 4Thanks to improved die memory system, stroke adjustment, press speed, motion type, adjustment slowdown height and slide adjustment value can be stored and​​ minimized mold changeover times.
Increase Product Quality
Üstün Özellik 5With bottom dwell, double strike and stepped pressing operating modes, it is possible to overcome the difficulty of getting the form for pressing parts.
Reducing Wear in Die
Üstün Özellik 6With link motion and soft blanking operation modes it is possible to minimize the die wear. It also extends the life of the springs used into the die.
Increase in Energy Efficiency
Üstün Özellik 7Comparing with other servo presses, Bias Servo press system doesn’t require high-cost capacitor boards etc. Due to the flywheel & servo motor combination with a special patented mechanism provides high level of energy efficiency.