Unique Press Mechanism​

Ram Motion Type
Üstün Özellik 1Ram motion types as shown in the following graphs will be pre-programmed. Stroke lenght and slow down height can be adjustable at link motion mode.

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Stepped Pressing
Üstün Özellik 2Bias Servo Press can work in similar way with forging press. In every cycle BDC can be changed dynamically and ram can reach to BDC step by step. Step heights and step number can be changed by programming for different operations.

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Higher Tonnage Rating Point
Üstün Özellik 3Higher tonnage rating point (ha) can be obtained with Bias Multi Servo Press compared to conventional mechanical presses and servo presses. So Press can be used efficiently in deep drawing, forming, forging operations where parts are higher.

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Plunger Guide Bedding
Üstün Özellik 4Plunger guide system will help arising from the crank-connecting rod mechanism of side load to be transferred onto the press body before reaching the ram.
Plunger guide's advantages are as follows:
- Not deteriorated ram parallelism during the press.
- Suitable bearing system for off center loads.
- Increased slides life and reduce wearing
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Üstün Özellik 5Hydraulic overload safety is not a system that protects your die, protects only your press. Electronic overload safety system measuring stretches on the press column (in micron level) when it is reached on desired tonnage (such as adjustable overload safety system) press stops and ram pulls back from the die. This will prevent damage that occurs.

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Active Double Action
Üstün Özellik 6The cushions which the other presses have, are passive and uncontrollable. Bias Servo Press has active double action option. In active double action, cushion position is adjustable and can be be controlled according to operation requirement. Together with bottom cushion option, operations required three action like fine blanking can be done.

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