Structural Features Of Servo Presses

Body and Rams
Yapısal Özellikleri 1Press body and rams are made steel construction. All plates are cutting by CNC lazer/plasma/oxygen machines and MIG/MAG welded. Afterwards, thermal / vibration stress relieving applying, thermal stresses generated during the welding process has been fixed. Precision bohrwerk are processed by the body and rams, cleaning and painting operations were made ready for installation.
Yapısal Özellikleri 2Press plates are made of ST52 material, and machining without causing the formation from the heat treatment differences.
Crank and Angranaj Shaft
Yapısal Özellikleri 3Crank and angranaj shaft is made of alloy steel material, all neccessary parts are grinding and hardened.
Bearing and Slides
Yapısal Özellikleri 4 Crankshaft bearings are manufactured with a special bronze alloy centrifugal casting method. All angranaj bearings consist roller and ball bearings. Flywheel is not being occurented with angaranaj shaft, it has a direct bearing on the body. "Plunger guide" as expressed, connecting rod - bearing the body of the ram connection is made with bronze beds.Upper and lower ram slides on the body are made by lineer slide, and it is made two times longer than the normal sliding. Plunger guide and longer ram slide are improve press sensitivity, stiffness, ram / table parallelism and maximize the level of eccentric loading capacity.
Gears and Flywheel
Yapısal Özellikleri 5Gears are manufactured ductile iron castings, flywheel are made of cast iron. Gear configurations is configured to minimize the loads on gear.
Balancing Cylinder
Yapısal Özellikleri 6BIAS manufactures special pneumatic cylinder, this cylinders balancing the weight of the ram during operation of the press. The upper mold can be adjusted by the compressed air flow for each cylinder weight
Lubrication System
Yapısal Özellikleri 7Our gear system lubricate by spray lubrication system which will help for increase the working life and reduce wear of the gears.
Operator Panel
Yapısal Özellikleri 7Our press have 12 inch color touch screen, Windows XP operating system and user-friendly Rexroth MLC-25 model control panel is used

Ethernet; On the control panel to ensure your PC has an Ethernet connection with press inputs.
Usb; In order to make quick and easy data transfer, press have USB port on the control panel