Transfer System and Robots​

Bias engineering design and produce transfer system and loading and unloading robots according to costumer request.

Modular Transfer System: To maximize your productivity and ensure standardization in production, we offer 2 or 3 axis modular transfer system according to costumer needs.

  • Linear slides and servo motor applications – Fast and Productive
  • High precision with servo motor design – High accelerations
  • Simple and easy programming – Flexibility
  • Modular transfer arm mechanism – Easy to change tools with grippers
  • Stress relieved welded body
  • Superior design - Vibration free

Robots; specific loading and unloading robot design and manufacture by Bias.

  • Servo-controlled pick and place robots,
  • Double loading tray designed for easy and quick installation materials,
  • Adjustable load compartment for different sized of sheet metal